Corporate Questionaire


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Please answer all applicable question to the best of your ability and we will follow up for additional information if necessary. Not all questions may be applied to you, so please feel free skip those questions. We will provide answers or guidance on any questions or issues that you may have while filling out the questionnaire.

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1. Has the corporation be in existence for more than a year? If year how long?_________

2. Do you know where your corporate record book is?

3. Do you have 1hour to go over in-depth questions Once you did side to sign up with us.

4. Do you intend to form a new corporation, or convert an existing business into a corporation?

5. What is the name of the new corporation? Need the name exactly as you want it to appear. (The name usually must end with” Corporation”, “Incorporated”, “Corp”, “Enterprise”, or “Inc.”).

Proposed business Name or existing business name, address, city, state, zip business phone, contact person name, contact persons’ number, contact person email,

1. Do you intend to form a new corporation or convert your existing business into a corporation?


2. Would you like to elect to incorporate your corporation as a S-corporation?

a. If S-Corporation election will be filed, pleas provide the social security numbers of all shareholders.

3. Should we apply for a federal tax identification number/federal employer identification number (FEIN)?

a. If Yes, please provide the name and social security number for the responsible party (Usually the Pres/CEO).

4. If you are licensed professional, would you like to form a professional corporation?

5. Who will serve as the corporation’s registered agent for service of process of lawsuits etc?
(you can designate this firm, another agent or act as your own resident agent)

6. Up to how many shares of common stock can the corporation issue? (You must have at least one share.) Your choice is the maximum number of shares your corporation can issue. Many corporations choose a nice round number, such as 1,000. However, you do not need to issue all of them to stockholders at this time. You can keep some shares in “reserve”. Even if you are a small corporation you must authorize a minimum of one share.

7. What is the par value of the shares? This may not be applicable to you. Par value is the nominal or started value of the shares. Sometimes, it is used for computing filing fees or corporation taxes. A par value of $.01 or $0.001 will minimize these fees. (By default, we use a par value of NO Par or $.01. However, you can change it) Stock cannot be sold at less than its par value, though it can be sold at more than par value. Therefore, par value usually has no relation to the actual price of the shares.

8. What is the end of the corporation’s fiscal year? (For most Small Corporations and especially for S-corporations the end of the fiscal year is December 31.)

9. Who are the Directors of the corporation (and home address)? Every corporation needs at least one Director elected by the Shareholder(s); the Directors create the Bylaws and various rules of the corporation and elect the Officers to carry out those rules. For small corporations, the Shareholders, Directors, and Officers are often the same person or persons.

10. Please, list all of the Officers of the Corporation (and home address). Every corporation must have at least a President/CEO, a Treasurer/CFO, and a Secretary- but any person may hold more than one office unless the Corporation By-laws limit them.




Other (if any)

11. Who are the initial stockholders of the corporation?
Shareholder One Name

Capital Contribution (in US$): (Cash, Services, or Property)

Number of Share (at least1)

Street address, city, state, zip

Additional Shareholders (If Applicable)

Capital Contribution (in US$): (Cash, Services, or Property)

Number of Share (at least1)

Street address, city, state, zip

12. Which principal officer may the IRS contact if additional information is needed?

Full name, title of officer, phones number.

Do you want the corporation to operate under a trade name which is different from its legal name?

DBA/Fictitious Business Name

13. In one brief sentence, please generally describe the corporation’s primary business activity?

14. Does the corporation anticipate hiring employees in the next 12 months?

15. Would you like us to prepare your California State Tax ID application from the Employment Development Department? (Generally, business that have employees need a separate tax ID number for state tax purposes)

16. Would you like us to prepare your Tax Permit application from State Franchise Tax Board? (Generally, business that plan to sell retail need a Permit)

17. Do you have a business banker?

18. Do you have a payroll representative?